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Organization Framework


In the early 1950s, the ERA staff succeeded in developing the first photographic paper of China, which opened a new epoch of the sensitization material industry of Chinese. Later on, ERA staff has successfully developed 65 new kinds of products. Among them, ERA brand black-and-white photographic roll film and portrait film have outstanding quality, both of them were the first to win the National Silver Quality Prize among the same type of products.
In the late 20th century, in the great adjustment of the structure of China’s sensitization trade, Shantou ERA Limited Corporation was set up on Jan. 29, 1999 according to the model of the modern enterprise system. ERA staff have followed the advancing step of the age and stepped into the new century of human history in high spirits.
Shantou ERA Limited Corporation has the emulsion-making equipment of national advanced level and multiple-function assembly line of extruding coated cloth. It continuous produces the assortments of ERA brand black-and-white photographic paper, black-and-white resin coated photographic paper, black-and-white photographic roll film and portrait film as well as ERA brand grain reproduction film and so on. It satisfies with professional & afterhours shutterbug’s demands in domestic and foreign.
Recently, we innovate constantly and produce ERA brand photo quality inkjet paper besides professionally produce traditional products, it adopts high-class photographic paper base, and it is a photo quality inkjet printing media by using advanced extrusion coating processes. participating in competition of new image field.
In the new century, “ERA” will insist on the “Honesty, Solidarity, Combatant, and Enterprise”, enterprise spirits, serve the numerous users wholeheartedly and make new contribution to the development of China’s image industry.

The Organization Framework of Shantou ERA Limited Corporation 


General Manager's Office

Office Main body Workshop
Production Management Dept. Production Management Dept.
Labor & Personnel Dept. Baryta Workshop
Financial & Accounting Dept. Power Workshop
Equipment & Engineering Dept. Power Supply Station
Technology & Quality Dept. Marketing Management Dept.

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